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ProDecipher implements blockchain-based traceability system for Swiss spice producer Spicelish

Swiss spice mix producer Spicelish brings blockchain-based traceability as an innovative product feature.

ProDecipher's ProAgriTrace platform is connecting small-scale farmers from developing countries with end consumers in Europe.

Helping improve the status quo - which is general lack of fairness,

with farmers or original producers often getting less than 5%

of end consumer price for their efforts.

A lot of sub-standard practices, e.g. using harmful pesticides, foodstuff

treatment techniques, etc. prevail across the supply chain. Loopholes

in certification procedures (Bio labels, fair trade labels and the like) ensure that such sub-standard practices are the rule and not the exception along any food supply chain.

The traceability platform brings validated data to validate claims related to sustainable agricultural practices.


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