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ProDecipher CEO Sanket Bhatia is among Top 100 Digital Shapers Switzerland for 2023

List includes the movers and shakers of digitalization, and the Swiss innovation landscape's Who's-Who.

"Today, everyone wants to be sustainable. But there is no sustainability without transparency!" That was ProDecipher CEO Sanket Bhatia's main message as he sat down with the leading Swiss financial publication "Handelszeitung".

Sanket also spoke about the increasing pressure from regulators and consumers on not just companies, but on entire supply chains to prove their environmental footprint. The need for an open and transparent system, enabled by tools such as Web 3.0 and Blockchain was discussed in detail as well.

Sanket Bhatia's complete interview can be read on Handelzeitung's website here: Digital Shapers 2023, Sanket Bhatia | BILANZ ( (original text in German).

Source: Handelszeitung/Bilanz


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