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  • ProMassBalance for chain of custody of packaging material, including natural, bio-based and processed plastics

  • ProTrace for traceability to fulfil claims such as plastic-free and recycled material

  • ProTrace integrated across supply chains to enable circular production and recycling models


  • System compliance check to meet traceability requirements according to the SPHERE (Sustainability in Packaging Holistic Evaluation for Decision-Making) framework

  • Holistic consulting to develop packaging "Designed to be recycled"

Ready-to-implement solutions for the packaging industry.

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help you get the most out of the ProSOS.


Product Sustainability Consulting

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Carbon Footprint Calculation 

  • Calculation Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions

  • Formulating carbon reduction and abatement strategy

  • Monitoring of carbon reduction goals using digital tools

  • Carbon Offsetting

Certification Support

  • EU RED, REDcert


  • ISCC EU and Corsia

  • 2BSvs

  • RSB

  • Organic (EU, DE, CH, US, Demeter)

  • Fair Trade

  • Recycled Content

  • FSC

Project Implementation

  • Project Scope Definition

  • Defining work packages

  • Collaboration across supply chain, incl. third parties such as trade associations and certification bodies

  • Onboarding supply chain partners to data sharing platform

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