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Deciphering Product Supply Chains

to validate Sustainability Claims 

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Product Sustainability Operating System

ProDecipher is building the ProSOS - it's a set of tools ("the Operating System") to easily build and deploy supply chain traceability systems to solve the global problem of intransparency and inefficiency in supply chains.


In one sentence:

The ProSOS is a blockchain-powered ERP System built around sustainability claims for entire supply chains.

It's time to solve the climate crisis using smart, digital tools.

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Smart Software Products

Discover the digital apps that make up the ProSOS.

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Chain of Custody


Blockchain-based Certificates

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Traceability Platform

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Combined with the right IoT sensors to collect real, authenticated data from across your supply chain

Geo Data

Satellite Data, Forest Cover, Gas Emissions, Risk Analysis


GPS Tracking to follow flow of goods

Process Parameters

Fluid Concentration, Flow, Emissions


Built for Sustainability Managers
To help your organization achieve its sustainability goals

Easy to Use

Ready to Scale

Customised to your needs

Blockchain powered

Regulatory compliant

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Helping our customers validate a range of sustainability claims.
These are just a few.

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"The supply chain traceability system implemented by ProDecipher brought an unparalleled level of transparency and trust to what we were claiming to the consumers."

" The ProMassBalance tool helps ensure that the chain of custody requirements are met, and substantially mitigates the risk of non compliance "

"The ProDecipher team combined deep regulatory knowledge with the right chain of custody tool to ensure that our organization achieved the ISCC certification quickly and efficiently."

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